Trans. Visible. Unapologetic.

Cultivating Compassion While Battling Exhaustion

Feelings Behind a Face: a Medical Student Counseling Workshop in Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Gained in Translation

From Badge to Coat

(In)finite Gender Journeys

Academic manuscript based on qualitative research on the violence incurred by societal narratives of gender “transition” as a finite, terminal process [book manuscript submitted]

(Not) A Good Man

Autotheory amalgam of memoir, poetry, and journal excerpts exploring the binds of gender and transness, and probing the bounds of non-toxic masculinity [book manuscript submitted]

Developing a Disordered Eating Treatment Intervention for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Adults Using Implementation Science Methods

Principal Investigator of $8k Educating Physician Scientists in Psychiatry (EPSP) Pilot Grant from Penn Psychiatry to fund study

Gender is Really Strange

a graphic novel about the rich complexities of gender—sociocultural to neuroscience—as part of the …is really strange series; Jessica Kingsley Publishing [in press]

Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care

Textbook co-edited with Alex S. Keuroghlian MD, MPH; American Psychiatric Association Publishers [in press]