Narrative Medicine

'X' Marks The Transgressive Gender: A Qualitative Exploration of Legal Gender Affirmation.

Purpose: Gender affirmation for transgender, non-binary, and/or gender diverse (“trans”) persons can include legal name and/or gender marker changes. Gender marker choice has become more complex with increasing availability of a gender-neutral “X” …

Swapping Gender is a Snap(chat): Limitations of (Trans) Gendered Legibility Within Binary Digital and Human Filters.

In May 2019 the photographic cellphone application Snapchat released two company-generated image filters that were officially dubbed “My Twin” and “My Other Twin,” though users and media labeled them as feminine and masculine,respectively. While …

Self(ie)-Recognition: Authenticity, Passing, and Trans Embodied Imaginaries. [accepted]

Trans. Visible. Unapologetic.

Gained in Translation

From Badge to Coat

A Good Man: Confessions of a Transmasc Misandrist

Autotheory amalgam of memoir, poetry, journal excerpts, and feminist, queer, trans theory exploring the binds of gender and transness, and probing the bounds of non-toxic masculinity [book manuscript submitted]


an ethnographic exploration of how trans individuals resolve tensions between seeking self-recognition of an internal authentic truth versus external recognition, or legibility, as desired [Manuscript accepted by Studies in Gender and Sexuality; poster presentation at APA 2021]

Terminal Transition

Conducted ethnographic research on the violence incurred by societal narratives of gender “transition” as a finite, terminal process [book manuscript and 1 paper manuscript submitted; 2 poster presentations at LGBT Health Workforce Conference 2021; 1 oral presentation at GLMA 2021; 1 oral presentation at APHA 2021; 1st prize at Columbia VP&S Student Research Day; 1 manuscript in preparation]