Medical Education

Sexual and Gender Minority Curriculum and Diversity Within Otolaryngology Residency Programs

Purpose: Otolaryngologists are uniquely situated to provide sexual and gender minority (SGM) care, including gender-affirmation (voice/communication, facial surgery) and HIV/AIDS-related conditions. Yet, no research has characterized otolaryngology …

Cultivating Compassion While Battling Exhaustion

Current State of Transgender Medical Education in the United States and Canada: Update to a Scoping Review

Background: The published literature on education about transgender health within health professions curricula was previously found to be sporadic and fragmented. Recently, more inclusive and holistic approaches have been adopted. We summarize …

Feelings Behind a Face: a Medical Student Counseling Workshop in Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Medical Student Pride Alliance: The first national LGBTQ+ medical student affinity organisation

STEM Climate survey developed through student–faculty collaboration

This paper presents a survey tool for assessing undergraduate STEM environments at institutions of higher learning. Such surveys typically appear in methodology sections of focused, hypothesis-driven papers written by and for education studies …

From Badge to Coat

The Patients Beneath White Coats

A survey-based exploration of medical student professional identity formation with regards to identifying as a patient/loved one vs. as a medical provider, and if this differs based on the medical specialty in which the personal experience occurred [1st author manuscript submitted; poster presentation at APA 2021] (supported by Steve Miller Fellowship, Columbia VP&S)