Swapping Gender is a Snap(chat): Limitations of (Trans) Gendered Legibility Within Binary Digital and Human Filters. [accepted]

Prevalence and minority-stress correlates of past 12-month prescription drug misuse in a national sample of transgender and gender nonbinary adults: Results from the U.S. Transgender Survey

Background Prescription drug (PD) misuse, particularly opioid misuse, is a major US public health concern. While transgender and gender nonbinary (TGNB) individuals experience numerous health disparities, including substance use disparities, little …

Sexual and Gender Minority Curriculum and Diversity Within Otolaryngology Residency Programs

Purpose: Otolaryngologists are uniquely situated to provide sexual and gender minority (SGM) care, including gender-affirmation (voice/communication, facial surgery) and HIV/AIDS-related conditions. Yet, no research has characterized otolaryngology …

Trans. Visible. Unapologetic.

Towards A Trans Inclusive Publishing Landscape: Addressing common concerns about allowing transgender authors to change their names on previously published work

Current State of Transgender Medical Education in the United States and Canada: Update to a Scoping Review

Background: The published literature on education about transgender health within health professions curricula was previously found to be sporadic and fragmented. Recently, more inclusive and holistic approaches have been adopted. We summarize …

Medical Student Pride Alliance: The first national LGBTQ+ medical student affinity organisation

Addition of Estradiol to Cross-Sex Testosterone Therapy Reduces Atherosclerosis Plaque Formation in Female ApoE−/− Mice

The contributions of estradiol and testosterone to atherosclerotic lesion progression are not entirely understood. Cross-sex hormone therapy (XHT) for transgender individuals dramatically alters estrogen and testosterone levels and consequently could …

Cross-sex testosterone therapy in ovariectomized mice: addition of low-dose estrogen preserves bone architecture

Cross-sex hormone therapy (XHT) is widely used by transgender people to alter secondary sex characteristics to match their desired gender presentation. Here, we investigate the long-term effects of XHT on bone health using a murine model. Female mice …

A Good Man

Autotheory amalgam of memoir, poetry, journal excerpts, and feminist/queer/trans theory exploring the binds of gender and transness, and probing the bounds of non-toxic masculinity [1 book in preparation]