Global health

The World Health Organization's Essential Diagnostics List: Diagnostics for neurologic disorders

On the recommendation of the WHO Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines in 2017, the inaugural WHO Essential Diagnostics List (EDL) was published by the WHO's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on In-Vitro Diagnostics in …

A time to be born: Variation in the hour of birth in a rural population of Northern Argentina

The present study aimed at investigating the timing of birth across the day in a rural population of indigenous and nonindigenous women in the province of Formosa, Argentina in order to explore the variation in patterns in a non‐Western setting.

The ecology of anemia: Anemia prevalence and correlated factors in adult indigenous women in Argentina

The Toba/Qom of Namqom are an indigenous community native to the Gran Chaco region of northern Argentina. Historically seminomadic foragers, the diet of peri‐urban community members has rapidly changed from high‐protein, high‐fiber to hypercaloric, …

Letter to the editor: Subsidize health

Review: The Fragile Wisdom: An Evolutionary View on Women’s Biology and Health